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Show Off a Humorous Disney Side with New T-Shirts at Disney Parks in Fall 2013

Steven Miller

by , Merchandise Communications Manager

I recently shared with you a look at some new apparel for women to show off their Disney Side this fall at Disney Parks. After that article was published, I spoke with John Smith and Kaleigh Wright from the graphic apparel team to get a look at some new items they have developed. This year, they’ve added more splashes of humor to the tees being released at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. There is one shirt, however, that caught my eye as it features one of my favorite treats ever – the Dole Whip!

Show Off Your Humorous Disney Side with New T-Shirts at Disney Parks in Fall 2013

You may recall that we first introduced a Dole Whip shirt in early 2012. It was followed by a similar shirt for women in the summer of that year. This new shirt was designed by Disney Design Group artists Casey Jones and Tim Whalen, and features Rongo, the god of agriculture from the Enchanted Tiki Garden at Disneyland park. There will also be a version with the Walt Disney World Resort logo (as I’ve also spotted Rongo at Disney’s Polynesian Resort).

Show Off Your Humorous Disney Side with New T-Shirts at Disney Parks in Fall 2013

I asked John about the humor behind these T-shirts.

“I don’t take myself too seriously,” laughed John. “I think laughter is one of the best things, especially for someone on vacation. These T-shirts were inspired by similar playful T-shirts we released in recent years that were a big hit with our guests.”

You can still find some of those T-shirts on the Disney Parks online store such as this one with Gaston.

Show Off Your Humorous Disney Side with New T-Shirts at Disney Parks in Fall 2013

I was particularly happy to see a new Hercules shirt as I love seeing merchandise from one of my favorite animated features! With the amount of time that I spend on Twitter, the Donald Duck shirt made me laugh (out loud, of course).


  • are these shirts ONLY available in World of Disney at Disneyland Resort? I couldn’t fins them anywhere else

  • My husband def needs the DOLE WHIP!!!! And I spent many hours looking for a DOC shirt for my brother, the doctor… FINALLY!!! Thank you for posting!!!!!!

  • Steven, I am loving alot of the merchandise you all are releasing here very recently which is more attraction and resort specific! Salutes to you and all those others who are making this happen!

  • I wish that some of these came in Big & Tall sizes. It’s hard to share my love of Disney when I don’t fit in anything but a hat and socks….

  • That Small World shirt reminds me of the Kingdom Keepers books… if you’ve read them, you know that Small World can be TERRIFYING!

  • Steve, Will these shirts be sold online? Also, what are the UPC codes for the shirts?

    • @Kathryn – I only know that the the Walt Disney World version of the Dole Whip shirt and eventually the Donald Duck will be carried online. Here are the item numbers for the shirts.

      Dole Whip – Walt Disney World Resort
      Small – 400007918979
      Medium – 400007918986
      Large – 400007918993
      X-Large – 400007919006
      2X-Large – 400007919013

      Dole Whip – Disneyland Resort
      Small – 400007919020
      Medium – 400007919037
      Large – 400007919044
      X-Large – 400007919051
      2X-Large – 400007919068

      Doc – Trust Me, I’m a Doctor
      Small – 400007933606
      Medium – 400007933613
      Large – 400007933620
      X-Large – 400007933637
      2X-Large – 400007933644

      Grumpy – I Had Fun Once…
      Small – 400007938588
      Medium – 400007938595
      Large – 400007938601
      X-Large – 400007938618
      2X-Large – 400007938625

      Donald Duck – I Don’t Tweet, I Quack
      Small – 400008002554
      Medium – 400008002561
      Large – 400008002578
      X-Large – 400008002585
      2X-Large – 400008002592

      Genie – I Am Here!
      Small – 400007933651
      Medium – 400007933668
      Large – 400007933675
      X-Large – 400007933682
      2X-Large – 400007933699

      Hercules – I’m Kind Of a Big Deal
      Small – 400007933552
      Medium – 400007933569
      Large – 400007933576
      X-Large – 400007933583
      2X-Large – 400007933590

      I Conquered it’s a small world!
      Small – 400007918924
      Medium – 400007918931
      Large – 400007918948
      X-Large – 400007918955
      2X-Large – 400007918962
      Disney Parks Online Store:

  • Loving the Small World shirt. Hope I can find it when i go in November.

  • Can we sell the Hercules online? Please? If not, do you think it will be in Disneyland in November? I know some people going who could get it for me.

    • @Hillary – It doesn’t appear at this point that the Hercules shirt will be carried online. Yet I know it’s currently offered at Disneyland Resort (try World of Disney first).

  • I love the Dole Whip and Donald Duck shirts! Any chance these two will be sold online? If not, is there a way to contact the parks merchandise stores to order them?

    • @Lorel – It looks like the Walt Disne World version of the Dole Whip shirt will be sold via the Disney Parks online store in early November 2013. They will also eventually have the Donald Duck shirt but no firm date for release.

  • Will the Hercules shirt be sold online?

    • @Hillary – At this point, I’ve not received confirmation if that shirt will be sold on the Disney Parks online store.

  • I LOVE the Dole Whip shirt but will there be one that say Disney World Resort as well as the Disneyland?

    • @Ashley – Yes, there will be a Walt Disney World shirt similiar to the Disneyland Resort shirt.

  • Loving the new Merch! I have an off topic question. I have been dying for a new Disneyland Christmas mug. The last few years there haven’t been any? I was able to get a few great Christmas mugs in Cars Land of Mater and Lightning, but nothing in Disneyland or on Disneystore for at least couple years. Any word on new Christmas Merchandise hitting the parks this Holiday Season? They had a great mug a few years ago of the Fab Five on a sleigh (a theme they’ve used for a while) but the mug never came back…I called everywhere! Thanks for any info!

  • Can you tell me WHERE in DL/DCA and or DTD i can buy these

    • @Kevin – I spoke with the development team who said that these some of these shirts are just starting to arrive in select locations. I would check the big locations first such as World of Disney in Downtown Disney District; Emporium at Disneyland park; and Elias & Co. in Disney California Adventure.

  • The Small World shirt is FANTASTIC. Love the sense of humor. Definitely on my shopping list when at the World next week!

  • I love the Donald shirt and was lucky to receive one at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration this past May. Great shirts, John! 😀 And great merchandise coverage as always, Steven! Thanks for keeping us updated. :-)

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