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It's Tough to Be a Bug!

The audience area in a theater where It's Tough to be a Bug is presented

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Discovery Island

Guests Can Be

Any Height

Age Interest

All Ages

Thrill Level

Dark, Scary, Loud

Discover what it's like to be a bug during this 3D movie and live show inspired by the Disney•Pixar file A Bug's Life.

Become an Honorary Bug
See the world from a bug's point of view with a little help from Flik inside the great Tree of Life.

Meander along a winding pathway—past tangled roots, unfurled branches and detailed carvings of animals—to the Tree of Life, the symbol of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Venture inside the tree's base, where you will receive a pair of 3D glasses before taking a seat inside the approximately 430-seat Tree of Life Repertory Theatre.

Bug Entertainment for the Whole Family
Flik, the loveable ant from the Disney•Pixar film A Bug's Life, invites you and your family to become honorary insects by donning a pair of special "bug eye" glasses and watching an exciting 3D film and live show on the survival techniques of bugs.

During the show, dodge flying quills from a tarantula, feel a harmless "acid spray" from a soldier termite and smell the unpleasant "defense stench" from a stink bug. When Hopper—the grasshopper villain from A Bug's Life—unexpectedly shows up, the theatre becomes very active, led by buzzing hornets and tumbling spiders.

In the end, you'll surely learn "it's tough to be a bug," but more importantly, that insects are our friends.

With dazzling 3D movie effects, Audio-Animatronics® figures and in-theatre 4D surprises, It's Tough to be a Bug! places you in the centre of the fascinating world of insects, showcasing the incredible value they add to our lives.