Legendary Sherman Brothers Honored with Window on Main Street, U.S.A.

Legendary Sherman Brothers Honored with Window on Main Street, U.S.A.

Today, Main Street, U.S.A. was buzzing with the tune of several familiar songs as Richard and Robert Sherman were honored with their own window. A window dedication, by the way, is the highest honor a cast member can receive at Disneyland Park. The window dedicated to the Sherman Brothers reads “Two Brothers Tunemakers,” with their names inscribed underneath. Check it out next time you stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. The famous brothers are the creative minds behind the song “it’s a small world (after all),” and the theme songs for several attractions (The Enchanted Tiki Room, Carousel of Progress) and songs from the movies “Mary Poppins,” “The Jungle Book,” “Bedknobs and Broomsticks,” “The Aristocats” and “Winnie the Pooh.” Richard Sherman was at the ceremony today. Take a look at this video and hear what Richard had to say at this heartwarming celebration of the Sherman Brothers’ amazing work.


  • Does anyone know the two windows on main street that have Walt Disney’s name on them?

  • I was just wondering that myself Kelly-I hope there is.

    Congratulations to the Sherman Brothers on finally getting heir own Main Street window. It’s long overdue and very much deserved after all these years of supllying such wonderful and memorable music to generations of people(especially us Disney fans lol). Thank you Richard and Robert for all you’ve done for Disney- all the magical songs that you created that are still stuck in our heads after all these years.

  • Is a similar window going to be on Main Street at WDW???

  • What an awesome honor! This will have to be a stop on our next visit to Disneyland so we can get a picture.

  • Well deserved. Will they also have a window at Walt Disney World? I sure hope so.

  • The more that is done to preserve the history and memory of Walt’s creations the better. The Sherman brothers are an indelible part of that history and their window is much deserved. Their music can transport you to another era as soon as you hear those wonderful songs. “Feed the Birds” is one of my favorites and I believe it was one of Walt’s too. As those of us who remember the early days get older, it is important that we help and encourage the current generation of fans to learn the history of Walt Disney and his importance to animation, entertainment and the world!!

  • awwwww so well deserved!!! Only regret I have is I missed this event by two days! We headed home on Tuesday and would have stayed longer had we known. Love Disneyland and all that it has to offer. I will always treasure my memories of Disneyland. My lifetime goal is to visit Disney World and hopefully someday that dream will come true!

  • Congratulations. This was well overdue.
    The article didn’t mention the Academy Award winning Sherman Brothers. One for the Mary Poppins score, the other for Chim-Chim-Cheree.

  • What a great ceremony, indeed. I was so fortunate to have a brief talk with Mr. Sherman last night. He was very gracious and a little gunshy with all of the attention he was receiving. Great honor!

  • I went to the park today and was lucky enough to be on Main Street to see this… and cannot convey how special this event was. I and everyone around me was really moved. Hearing Richard Sherman sing and play “Feed the birds” is something I will never forget! Everyone involved in putting together today’s event did an amazing job. A great way to honor two extraordinary men. Only Disneyland could create such magic!

  • Is there going to be a window for the Sherman Brothers at WDW?

  • I know the John and Sarah characters for the Carousel of Progress were a special thing for the Sherman Bros. window dedication, but they should definitely make an appearance over at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom where folks can meet them right outside their attraction or have a part on a parade float at the Magic Kingdom.

  • Wonderful news!
    I’m looking forward to seeing it in person the next time I visit the park.

  • congrats

  • Did you know Walt used to summon Richard and Robert Sherman to his office to play “Feed the Birds” on Friday afternoons. He used to say “Play the song fellas” and they would hit the piano. What an amazing duo! My friend John actually grew up hoping to be the 3rd Sherman Brother!

  • We should all share our favorite Sherman Brothers song! Ugly Bug Ball, anyone? My friend John adores that song!

  • I for one am thrilled to bits! I’m sure Walt is smiling down over his little park today. Remembering those days when he would call the Sherman Brothers into his corner office at the Disney Lot to serenade him with Feed The Birds. Bravo, Sherman Brothers!

  • Congrats to the Sherman brothers! This is a well deserved, and long overdue dedication to their wonderful work and years of service to the Walt Disney Company!

  • I have met Mr. Sherman in person on a couple of occasions, and he is so incredibly deserving of this honor, along with his brother. He is such kind man, and SO TALENTED. So happy for the Sherman Brothers!

  • Love the work of the Sherman brothers! Carousel of Progress is a classic.

  • Mary Poppins is my favorite movie. Small World is my favorite attraction because my first grade teacher taught me the song. What an indelible mark these two talented brothers have left on the hearts of children of every age everywhere! I had the opportunity to thank both brothers in person at the Mary Poppins sing-a-long at the El Capitan. They signed my Mary Poppins Disneyland Story record from my childhood. I will always cherish it. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  • Very long overdue! The window looks fantastic, can’t wait to see it next time I’m there.

  • Long overdue and very well deserved. I can’t think of a higher honor nor a better person to get it.

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