Villains Victory Party: Maleficent Announced as Baddest Disney Villain

Heather Hust Rivera

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Maleficent at Villains Victory Party Ceremony

The votes have been tallied and, last night at the Villains Victory Party, Maleficent was named the victor in the race for the title of baddest Villain of them all. The announcement took place at 10 p.m. and the ceremony was rife with mischief and cheap tricks from all the Disney villains. While Maleficent may be the winner of this battle, all of the villains are evil in my book. Take a look at this video from the ceremony:

Thanks for all your votes the past several weeks. True followers of the campaign know that Maleficent started off with a healthy lead, and none of her opponents could ever catch up.

To attend the ceremony announcing the baddest Villain at Disneyland park, guests won through contests run by local Los Angeles radio stations and on the Disney Parks Blog. Winners of the Disney Parks Blog Trivia Contest correctly answered three trivia questions about the villains.

Winners began checking in at 3 p.m. and made a mad dash to the Park to take in all the Halloween fun before the Villains Victory Party started at 8 p.m.

As the day’s last guests were leaving the parks, and Disneyland park officially closed for the evening, a party started over in Adventureland. Eerie music filled the air. Disney characters began appearing in their Halloween costumes and more Disney villains than you can imagine started appearing.

From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., winners enjoyed several attractions to themselves, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion Holiday, Indiana Jones Adventure and Haunted Voyages aboard the Mark Twain.

Haunted Voyages Aboard the Mark Twain

Special party perks also included tarot card readers, palm readers and Club Skellington (a special dance party that normally is held only during Mickey’s Halloween Party).

Spooky Tarot Card Reader

Michael and Xochitl Ayala of Huntington Park, shown below, came to have some Halloween fun without their children. “We like scary stuff at Halloween and the villains are scary and fun, too,” Michael said. “We didn’t tell the kids where we were going. They would have wanted to come, too.”

Michael and Xochitl Ayala of Huntington Park

Sheryl and Stacy Garcia, mother and daughter from Wilmington, got to attend the party because Sheryl quickly answered all three questions about the villains on the Blog and entered the contest.

“This contest was really fun because it’s the villains,” said Stacy, a student at LA Harbor College. “They’re evil, but they’re misunderstood. Once you get to know their side of the story, you get to like them. Think about it – Hook lost his hand to the Croc.”

In the Vote for the Villains campaign, Stacy voted for Maleficent.

Sheryl and Stacy Garcia, Mother and Daughter from Wilmington

For those of you who voted for your favorite Disney villain, are you happy with the final outcome? Is Maleficent truly the baddest Disney villain of them all?


  • yay!! i voted for maleficent too. she always skeeved me out as a kid, and still kinda skeeves me out as an adult!

  • Glad to hear the true “Draggin Lady” won.

  • YAY!!!! i voted for her!

  • Only if the Fantasmic Dragon was alive, that would help with Maleficent’s Victory

  • Maleficent is my favorite since she turns into the Audio-Animatronic in Disneyland’s Fantasmic. Was the announcer the person Jim from Drawn to the Magic? I saw video of it on YouTube, it sounded like him.

  • Maybe not the “baddest”, but my favorite villain has always been Madame Mim (from The Sword in the Stone)

  • I’m so happy Maleficent won! She’s always been the baddest of the bad in my book. A fair victory!

  • I voted for the Queen. She was the first and basically set the standard for Disney villains. Without her as the prototype, the other villains wouldn’t be as evil as they are now.

  • not fair i never got the ticket they never say anything to me about it that suck i now i got all quetiion right

  • Yes I voted for Maleficent , but Im devestated that I didnt win.when will some more contect be put up!? Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween! Im going as Snow White this year!

  • Well, at least Frollo was there anyway… my opinion the baddest villain ever. Hehe! XD

  • The baddest villain will forever and always be Chernobog.

  • I agree Julie. I think the baddest of the bad is Cruella. Maleficent may have threatened and cursed a baby, but Cruelle killed puppies (and other animals too, if she could wear them). It doesn’t get badder than that!

  • I still think Cruella is the best villain! Turning puppies into coats…now that’s evil!

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