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Moms Panel: If I Had Two Hours at Walt Disney World to Make a Lifelong Memory I Would…

Busy mom of three girls, Walt Disney World Moms Panelist Erin Foster visits Walt Disney World Resort many times per year from her Northeastern home but she still has many Disney memories on her bucket list to make. See her dream below.

PhotoPass at Walt Disney World Resort

“If I had two hours at Walt Disney World Resort, I would take my whole family and try to visit every Disney PhotoPass photographer possible. PhotoPass pictures are the best because they allow everyone to be in the shot. We’d get some with characters and some with classic Disney icons in the background. We’d make happy faces with Happy, make goofy faces with Goofy and of course say ‘Cheese’ when we pose with Mickey.

When we got home, we would choose the best shot to order from DisneyPhotoPass.com. When the photo arrives at our home, I would frame it and put that very special Disney memory right on our mantle.”

How would you spend two hours capturing a Disney Parks lifelong memory by photo or video? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  • If I had 2 hours at Walt Disney World I would take my Dad, husband and 2 little boys. My father was just diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. He took me to Walt Disney World 1st when I was 5. I would love to take him back and ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again because it was the 1st big rollercoaster I’d ever been on and he braved it with me. I’d also ride Haunted Mansion with him. I’m not sure I would bury my face in his side like I did that 1st time but I might 🙂 I would love to see him ride Pirates and the Speedway with my children. The best would be getting a picture with all of us and Pluto, my Dad’s favorite. The more I write and think about these things the more I actually might plan a whirlwind mini vacation for next week. He meets with an oncologists on Monday, I can ask then if it’s possible. I need to do this don’t I???? I think it sounds like the trip that would be a lifelong memory!! Wow, who knew responding to a blog post would put it all in perspective and right there in front of my face! Mickey, we might be seeing you real soon!

  • If I had just two hours at Walt Disney World Resort, I’d love to eat (and drink) my way around World Showcase at Epcot! I’d start with fish and chips in the U.K. and get something yummy at each country. My must-haves would definitely include a Grey Goose limon slushie in France, school bread in Norway, and a pretzel in Germany. If I timed it right, watching Illuminations to finish off the night would be perfect. Yum – would love to be there right now!

  • I love the idea of getting pictures with all of the Photopass Photographers. I would love to do a Photopass Session with my family!

  • I would be extremely happy if I could get my picture taken with Happy! He currently does not meet and greet at Walt Disney World.

  • Two hours? That is just plain Sadistic! I was @ Disneyland in October and had to leave after only 7 hours and it was agony! We had a family member with us who was from out of state and it was the only night she could get together with her Dad and he wouldn’t come to Disnneyland so we couldn’t stay, sob! If I only had 2hrs @ Disneyland (Never been to Orlando) I would immediately check the board off the central Plaza for ride waiting times. I would then go get a fast pass for one of my faves, like Splash Mountain. I would also go the first 2 hrs. after opening, doing a Magic Morning, or the last 2 hrs. @ night when the little kids have gone home. I would do Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones, Pirates, Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Railroad, slip around the back of the Mountain and do Snow White, Pinnochio, Mr.Toad, and Dumbo. Then on to It’s a Small World, The Matterhorn and Star Tours, finishing up @ my fast pass ride or Peter Pan just before line closing. I am assuming I would be there mid week during the off season…..even better if it is lightly raining. Do I have an hour to shop after the rides close down or is it limited to 2 hrs? If i had the extra hour I would buy gifts for evetyone I know @ World of Disney @ Downtown Disney and any eating would be finger food in line like popcorn or ice cream from a cart, churros, chimichangas turkey legs etc.

  • In two hours time, a family could do quite a bit. I think I would choose one ride per land and come back to the hub and photograph ourselves in front of the partner statue. I use a high-range dslr and do all of our post-processing after we arrive home including the addition of pixie dust…..the magic lives on that way!

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