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Signs of Things to Come at Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

'Here It Is!' Sign at Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park 'You Want It? We Got It!' Sign at Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

“Here It Is!” and “You Want It? We Got It!” are just a few of the not-so-understated signs that are starting to appear at Cars Land. Specifically, these exuberant signs adorn Lizzie’s store, Radiator Springs Curios. This charming shop may be small but you sure won’t be able to miss it when you walk down our Route 66 this summer at Disney California Adventure park!

Signs are literally popping up all around Cars Land and there are a lot more that are still to come. We’re working fast and furious (as you will see when you watch the video below) to bring Cars Land to life. This sign for Ramone’s will eventually be topped with neon so what you see here is our sign painter working his magic.

Speaking of neon – there’s a lot more of that to come. Stay tuned for more details about that in a future Disney Parks Blog post!


  • I am so excited for this to open! Cannot wait to go to Disneyland this summer!

  • Can a cast member try to give me the most exact opening date possible please it would be much appreciated

  • So far, Disney has not announced an exact date, but Cars land is expected to open sometime this summer.

  • does anyone know when carsland is going to open we are planing a vacation but want to go when cars land is open

  • I disagree, Shawn. I am an adult female and I LOVE Cars. There is so much history, both Pixar and Route 66, in it that it’s more than just a cute movie for little boys to me. I’m a Disney fan, a Pixar fan, and a racing fan and all these things are there. Plus, did you stop to look at all the MANY ‘thank yous’ at the end of the movie…all of them people and businesses all along Route 66. They could teach an entire Americana history class just from those screens. It is DEFINITELY more than just something for little boys.

  • We are so excited for the opening of Cars Land but keep holding off on making reservations until we find out the opening date. Come on Disney, please let us know when.

  • We are traveling from Australia at the end of May and would love to know when it opens too! Please post an opening date 🙂

  • Like many others we’re wondering when it will be open? We are planning a trip this year and need to book flights but don’t want to miss out on Cars Land!

  • any word on when it will be open?

  • I remember that day it was super windy

  • Its important to note that the main reason why they went with Cars is because of the Route 66 connection for California, along with the Disney twist.
    After all, when designing the movie, the filmmakers took a trip on Route 66, and the town of Radiator Springs is directly inspired by the buildings, landscape, and people that they found along Route 66.

    And when creating the land, the imagineers took their own research trip on Route 66, and that inspired a lot of new things for the land that were not even seen in the movie, as well as the inspiration for the food that Cars Land will have.

  • My daughter is so excited, as well as me and my husband, to see Cars Land open! DCA is just getting better and better!! I am hoping this Land will become more family oriented like Disneyland. I would love to see DCA focus on children more than adults. I was originally on the opening team for DCA in 2001, so I have seen it grow and grow and I have to say it is absolutely an amazing experience!! Thank you!! It started as the “adult park” which I am hoping changes. I am a wife and mother and I would love this park become more of a family park, similiar to DL and focus on families. I feel Cars Land is a great beginning! 😀

  • Given the limited space in the California parks, devoting an entire “land” to a single movie seems a little foolish, especially given the film’s limited, almost gender specific appeal. I know Cars is the favored son of some of Disney’s higher ups & whenever we walk into a Disney Store, we’re almost run over by Cars merchandise, but will what’s currently selling to little boys really merit long term appeal to millions of park goers? I guess time will tell.

  • This will be, without a doubt, THE PLACE to hang out at during the evening hours, in the entire Disneyland Resort. I think it will outrank Main Street U.S.A. and New Orleans Square in night time atmosphere with all of the colorful neon lighting. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK KATHY! I’m a huge fan of yours!

  • Its amazing the transformation of Disney California Adventure, is becoming more Disney. I love it

  • i just can’t wait for the front entrance to be done and the trolly car. i am in love with all things disney and have a vast knowledge of it. i cant wait for this new venture to open. i think next should be a water park but here in the high desert where it is hot in the summer not in the ts parking lot it would be too small and less parking for more parks? no sense.

  • Does anyone have any idea what the height requirements will be? My son is going to go nuts over this, but i don’t want to take him if he won’t be able to ride. He LOVES Cars. He will probably be a little over 36 inches…

  • I’m just hoping I’ts open in time for our last week of our honeymoon in early June!!!

  • What’s with that one guy, in the video, standing around doing nothing? He needs to pick up a tool and do something, I want to explore cars land already.

  • I’ve enjoyed watching the progress with each visit to DCA. I am really looking forward to the opening of Cars Land this summer.

  • It is amazing how fast it is progressing. I remember seeing the original sketches at the Blue Sky building back in 2009. My how time flies.

  • Its looking awesome.

    I love the fact that I will be able to walk in the entire town of Radiator Springs! 🙂

  • thank you for bringing carsland to dca. i can’t wait for this to open is there a date that carsland will open. can it be summer now

  • So excited! Cannot wait to go this summer!

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