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Moms Panel Monday: Your Resolution? Casey Jr. at Walt Disney World Resort Has The Right Idea!

The start of a new year brings with it the promises and plans of people who are looking to drastically change their lives. I don’t subscribe to resolutions New Year’s Day because frankly, it’s too much pressure for me. I’m like Casey Jr., chugging down the same track every year. My mantra is to “be grateful, gracious and giving.”

Today our Disney Parks Moms Panelists are sharing some of their resolute traditions with us.


“For New Years resolutions, I like to pick something that I know I can do, but need a little motivation. Each year, whatever resolution I choose, it can’t be too easy (why bother?) but it can’t be easily unattainable either (why set yourself up for failure?). I suggest you start with something that will be a bit of a stretch but not make you feel like Mrs. Incredible. That way, it’s much easier to keep trying to stick to it and you’ll feel great knowing that you’ve accomplished something.”Andrea Houston-Lingman, Walt Disney World Moms Panelist


“Our family does something unique for New Year’s resolutions. We keep them secret from each other by writing them on a piece of paper. I put them all inside a Christmas cookie jar and the jar gets packed away on New Year’s Day. The following year, it sits on top of our refrigerator until New Year’s Day, when we fill it again.

But before we do that, I take out the previous year’s resolutions. We talk about what we accomplished and what we didn’t. This is all happening usually while we’re polishing off the last of the holiday goodies! I encourage the children not to make resolutions about changing themselves but to make resolutions that will help improve the lives of other people. When you make a resolution to help someone else, you most likely will not give up plus you are giving back to our community. Perfection!” – Anna Skamarakas, Walt Disney World Moms Panelist

How are you going to make this “Year of the Ear” special? Do tell!


  • Thanks, Rochelle! And I can’t think of a better organization to support! Love those Kids!

  • What a great idea Anna has! My resolution is to do what I can to help the Mom’s Panel with their work in support of Give Kids The World.

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