One-Stop Searching: Paul Hiffmeyer

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Mickey Balloon by Sleeping Beauty Castle

Last week, we featured the photography of Gene Duncan. Now, we’re turning our attention to the West coast and Disneyland photographer Paul Hiffmeyer. Paul has provided some of the most magical, inspiring images on Disney Parks Blog. Here’s a look back at some of them.

Paul has a unique point of view, and his photographs help us see the world through his eyes.

Happy 4th of July – This photo was taken from the aft of the Sailing Ship Columbia. The wind was blowing just enough to make the “stars and stripes” look like a sail.

A Rhino Just Smiled at Me – Paul catches a special moment between guests and a rhino during a parade.

An Eye for Flowers – Is it a giant, or is Monstro just looking at the flowers?

Donald Being Donald – Poor Donald is always getting left out. This image might show us how this makes him feel.

Balloon with a View – A unique perspective seen through a Mickey Mouse balloon.

Paul captures moments and sights at the Parks that others might miss.

Ducks Around the Disneyland Resort – Ducks at the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Lagoon are surrounded by rainbows of color in the water.

The Monkey God – Paul discovers “Bob” the Monkey God at the Jungle Cruise.

Springtime in Tomorrowland – The Astro Orbitor at Disneyland park is the perfect complement to a Flowering Pear tree on a foggy California morning.

Snowy Egret: A Fleeting Moment – Paul captures an egret in front of the reflection of the bridge in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

All Aboard for Disneyland Photos – On a cold morning, the Disneyland Steam Train seems to glide on a steam cloud.

Paul often has the advantage of being in places Guests don’t usually have access to, and the images he brings from those places capture the imagination.

Full Circle – Paul shows us a view of the Partners statue that few get to see.

The Fleet at Rest – The submarines of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage are captured right after sunrise, in the morning light.

A Grand Balloon – The 100-foot-tall tall Mickey Mouse “Happiest Balloon on Earth” makes a special appearance about 2,000 ft in the Grand Canyon.

A Foggy Morning on the Rivers of America – This photo of the Sailing Ship Columbia was taken around 6 a.m., in the light from a video shoot near the Mark Twain.


  • Paul, amazing pictures! I have a question, how do you become a photographer for Disney Parks?

  • So many beautiful photos, I don’t think I could choose a favorite!

  • Paul, you have the best job in the world! Great work!!

  • Paul takes the most magical pictures~

    They have consistently been my favorites throughout the whole year.

    Thanks for taking such wonderful pictures!

  • What amazing pictures and what an amazing job to have!!!

  • I have not been able to check in years but there was a picture in the Disney Than and Now with part of my family in it. Indian dance with the kids trying to follow the Chief! Late 50’s I guess? Anyone know if it is still there?

  • These pictures are just a reminder of what a great cast Disney Parks have and also help share the magic that Uncle Walt once started. Amazing pictures!

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